Oct 2020 - Present

Scottsdale, AZ

Software Engineer

  • Led the conversion of a legacy, class-based React/Redux application to React Hooks, TypeScript & Apollo Client
  • Maintained a Node.js/TypeScript GraphQL server, connected to a NoSQL, Azure CosmosDB document store
  • Developed internal tools and interfaces for cybersecurity analysts as well as customer facing web applications
  • Introduced integration testing to our team's development workflow and our automated, continuous integration pipeline
  • Managed the interface redesign of our flagship, customer facing, web portal


Aug 2020 - Oct 2020

Phoenix, AZ

Software Engineer

  • Began migration of a legacy ColdFusion application, to a JAMStack, Next.js (React) application
  • Started work on a GraphQL headless CMS solution
  • Partnered with marketing to begin redesign of e-commerce web interface

Nikola Motor Company

Aug 2019 - Aug 2020

Phoenix, AZ

Software Engineer

  • Selected Vue.js as vehicle frontend framework and led architectural direction / redesign of the application
  • Worked cross-functionally with UX/UI team to build a design system that would be reused across all in-vehicle displays
  • Established clear coding standards, and documentation guidelines for the vehicle frontend team
  • Implemented custom turn by turn navigation system on top of Mapbox GL JS
  • Built out custom application routing system for Vue.js SPA inspired by React Navigation (used for React Native apps)
  • Added automated unit and integration tests to our continuous integration pipeline


Oct 2017 - Apr 2019

Tempe, AZ

Post Sale Operations


    Arizona State University

    Computer Science


    Tempe, AZ



    • Independent and collaborative problem solving
    • Navigating loosely defined problems within teams
    • Mentoring and training new developers


    • User Interface Design
    • Front-end Development
    • Object-oriented Programming
    • Data Structures
    • Algorithm Design


    • Languages: Rust, Java, Ruby, JavaScript (TypeScript), Dart, WebAssembly
    • Frameworks: Rails, React.js, Vue.js, Svelte, Flutter, React Native
    • Networking: GraphQL, REST
    • Database: Postgres, SQLite, DynamoDB, Cosmos DB, AsyncStorage, IndexedDB